Ariel Khadr

Ariel Khadr is an IFBB Fitness Pro competitor model and sponsored athlete. Following the end of her childhood career in gymnastics, Ariel began competing at fitness events at the age of sixteen. Within a year, she was awarded her Professional Card aged 17. Ariel Khadr, sponsored athlete and IFBB Fitness Pro competitor model. She began participating in fitness shows when she was 16 after quitting her childhood gymnastics career. In just one year she obtained her professional license when she was 17. IFBB Pro to date, Ariel is one of the youngest IFBB Pro. After she earned her Pro Card Ariel was able to take six years off the show to pursue her education at college. In 2015 she re-entered the stage, and took part in high-level contests like Mr. Olympia and Toronto Pro Supershow. Following her debut show she competed throughout her career and setting more ambitious goals every year. The year 2009 saw four new fitness titles were added to her collection. Also, 2009. NPC Team Universe Fitness Nationals champions made her one of one of the IFBB's Fitness Pros with the smallest age ever. Following the Pro Card's award, Ariel took a six-year break from competing so she could complete her degree at college. The IFBB Fitness Pro Debut was held in the Phoenix Europa Games, in 2015 October. At the show, she finished third. Summer of 2016, she won her place in the IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow. As a result, she became a participant in Fitness Olympia. A few months later, she walked onto the Olympia stage to take home the sixth position at the Fitness Division. Ariel was proud to have placed 6th within the fitness division even though she being completely unprepared. It's not surprising that she did so well considering the competition. Ariel keeps improving every year. Ariel's top body part to work out is the back. It is where she usually performs bent-over rows, single-arm lats pull-downs (on machines), pull-ups and seated rowing. The warm-up phase is typically done before the actual exercise. Ariel is also extremely efficient with her time. Her back exercise routine is comprised of 3 or more supersets, each consisting of 10-12 reps.

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